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Kindoff Collective
Experimental Education
Athens, 2019-2020.

The Kindoff Collective was formed by 12 fellow students at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Together, we left the classroom with a budget and plan to orchestrate our own education for a semester in Athens. We took over a once-decadent, crumbling town house in Exarchia where we experimented with running a project space.

Throughout the period, we ran a program of open workshops and classes with artists we invited from the city and the Netherlands and made an exchange with the fine arts school of Athens who hosted their own open seminars and meetings in our space. We put on 11 exhibitions in the 5 months and were starting to become established in the art scene there.

It was a very exciting and formative experience for me where I got to try out a lot of different ways of working with other people and also a challenging experience as we had to grapple with some very real-world issues of our presence and contribution to what was a difficult time in Athens socially and politically.