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Home Alone, A Solo Show
Walther x The Peep Institute, 2022.

This was a humorous critique of the design world which had come to increasingly frustrate me as I tried to make new projects happen and find spaces for them. I wrote to Miguel and Marta - the directors of the Peep Institute - with a proposal for my first solo show which was entirely in meme format and it began! At the end of my period of building up the solo show, I spoke to my friend Walther - and fellow Home Alone enthusiast - about presenting my Home Alone show together in his shop window at Christmas and about having an exhibition opening event. It happened and was wonderful. Below is the text from the exhibition catalogue:

Miles finds himself left behind by the design scene on their yearly pilgrimage to a prestigious design week. On the first day, he wakes up to find the house empty and, thinking that his wish has come true, is overjoyed with his newfound freedom. He goes into a frenzy of expression, putting all those benched ideas and ‘regretfully’ declined applications of the last years into reality. The days go by and his work takes on a creeping complexity: the installations in the house start to manifest their independence, leaving behind maxims of functionality and the conventional duty of a design project; they become traps for the returning design clan!