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Duck Design Week
Program and Open-Source Research
Residency for the People, 2022.

Duck Design Week was an extension of my research into Ducks and a hijacking of the Design Week of Eindhoven. I teamed up with the Residency for the People to put together a celebrative program of Duck-related activities at their central bar and art space. Throughout the week, we brought together different Duck enthusiasts, such as the printmaker and artist Mizdruk who’s beautiful Duck car and playful spirit met well with my own Duck experience, and the Wauw Food Program who cooked a menu of Thai-interpreted Duck Dishes like fried Duck Tongues and fermented Duck Eggs but especially the Duck Confit dumplings. The bar space became an open-source research studio where visitors contributed their own Duck stories and meditations on the Duck.
During the week, I was invited to Mediamatic’s Inhuman Carnival to participate in a public talk with Arne Hendrix and Thomas Thwaites on learning from the non-human.