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Grützi/Hoi/'Ow do?

I am a young designer and artist trained in the Leisure Department at the Design Academy Eindhoven. I graduated Cum Laude, 2021.

Please, take a look at my work and you are warmly welcomed to get in touch if you like. To stay up to date, and to see a looser collection of acts, you can follow my personal Instagram and the account dedicated to my ongoing project ‘The Way of the Duck’.

@milesworner.bits @the_way__of__the_duck

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Armchair Tours Text / Pictures

searching for a horse,
taking a picture with oncle yanko,
finding grandma and grandpa,
chatting about a cabin,
walking a 5000 year old road,
admiring the Armenian ruins of Ani,
taking in the views of mount Nemrut...

Armchair Tours: a tour company I started in the first lockdown of Covid-19. I offer group armchair adventures accross the internet/world featuring sun hats, cameras and a custom calendar momento.

Sahin Dogan Text / Pictures

During a 1 week stay in Istanbul, I chose to learn about culture through the use of standardised products. The Sahin Dogan was a particularly interesting case because the old Fiat car, with a Turkish name, had fondly been assimilated by the local culture. Customs I discovered - putting quotes of romantic poetry in the rear window, driving certain routes around the city and co-owning the cars with a group of friends - were much richer and more specific than I imagined and a beautiful glimpse into a part of Istanbul.

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Park Legend Text / Pictures

"How can we give local inhabitants a sense of ownership and a voice in the development of the Van Gogh National Park? Subverting bureaucratic practice, Miles Worner encourages an urban legend among ‘The Potato Eaters’ themselves. He shares strange evidence which, in the hands of the people, comes alive. In a bar near you, over a cup of coffee, people are fantasising. Their stories include their heritage, values and identity. ‘Park Legends’ bring locals together to address the construct of this national park in a dialogue free of ‘reality’. Here is the mythical woodland creature, wolf-like, feathered and with large teeth; could it be linked to the inexplicable footprints and claw marks found, or the missing cats and mysterious manuscripts?"

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation 2021 CUM LAUDE - Catlogue text.

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The Way of the Duck Text / Pictures

"Do you feel like a cog in the machine? Are you stuck in a routine? As a counter to modern stress and competition in today’s highly industrialised society, Miles Worner explored the need for frivolity. Inspired by the spontaneous behaviour of ducks in the park he has constructed a philosophy and a practice: ‘The Way of The Duck’. At the heart of the belief is a rebellious need to be silly, to fully use the body and explore the world with naivety – just act as ducks do. Why not swim in circles, balance on one leg and suddenly give flight because you feel like it? Miles sees it as a dose of urgently-needed wild in a repressive rectilinear system; let’s rediscover our instinct."

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation 2021 CUM LAUDE - Catlogue text.

Kindoff Collective Text / Pictures

The Kindoff Collective was formed as a vessel for its 12 members to grow and take new directions, to respond, collaborate and intervene. We sailed our ship to Athens where we anchored in an abandoned mansion in Exarchia, the anarchist region. We used our space and each other in constantly different modes: sometimes individually, sometimes publicly, sometimes as a hub from which to go out and experience, sometimes as a hub towards which people and ideas collect and sometimes as a place to invite others to take residence. Away from an education of quoted learning hours, we supported each other to make our whole experience the lesson.